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sean o'brien country singer

It's the aural equivalent of a Spaghetti Western as seen through a peyote haze -- full of bravado and swagger, yet still ambivalent and decidedly bent. Irish Country Music, great value Daniel O’Donnell and all Irish music, DVD, CD, video, and tapes a huge collection from our warehouse in County Tyrone. Disarming simple / clean production without in any way be lo-fi. Two bright and breezy openers rattle by in indie style (think Dave Edmunds meeting Dodgy), but the mood does change through the album. Totally different is “Walk There Too” that comes with an Arthur Lee flair and to round things up title track “Goodbye Game” has some dear Prudence in it. There was also a card to download two bonus tracks that are not on the vinyl record, being a cover version of the song "Kingdom Of Love", the classic of Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians from his live album "Gotta Let This Hen Out! To tell the truth, there’s little to get excited about on “Take Your Pills” for songs should not be instructional and “Aftermath Fears” sounds like a Television demo interrupted by a massive organ but it does give the first real sign of the album’s direction. With songs like "Do the Same" and "I'll Think Of A Good One," they take the anger and defiance of youth and combine it with catchy, melodic hooks. River Of Greed is a garage where Diddleybeat O’Brien pulls like Jeffrey Lee Pierce of Gun Club. Throughout … The choogling scree of ‘Tranny Ignored’ gets points alone for the timeless couplet “I don’t care how you piss/ just as long as you do”. – Gerrit Vermeij – Muziekvenster – The Netherlands, Though his voice sounds unnaturally high in the opener, Sean O’Brien is a capable rock singer and an excellent cobbler of lyrics. At this point the album opens out – ‘Kiss Full of Questions’ slows down and branches out with a combination of piano and guitar that reminds me of ‘Alladin Sane’-era Bowie, but that is just a warm up for the best track on the album, the piano-led ‘The Day You Own It’, which has a loose time signature and a hazy mood. Mainly because of the whimsical vocal capacities of O’Brien, here and there grinding off-key indeed. On the other hand knows that Sean O’Brien is also easy to maintain in quieter, more melodic songs such as “Advice Coming In”, with violins and cello spiced song “A Thorny Path,” the first single released from this CD piano – and country ballad “Leaves” and the beautiful closing track “Sister, I Have Fallen” in which singer Connie Champagne harmony singing. Man without any appearance with guitar on concrete stairs, hmm. 2 talking about this. Oddest venture is ‘Dough See Dough’ which sounds like a German omm-pah band playing ska, not one that’s scoring heavily on repeat plays so far! Previous solo albums of his hand were Seed Of Mayhem in 2006 and Goodbye Game in 2008. E-mail: Connect with us on Facebook! Facebook; Twitter; HOT COUNTRY TV. A name for their group San Francisco's singer-songwriter Sean O'Brien called his stage musical friends Tom Hofer (bass) and Matt Boudreau (drums) 'The Dirty Hands' and went with them into the recording studio to make the album "Risk Profile" to record. Formed musically in full Undergorund Paisley, Sean O’Brien has a musical journey of all respect that he first saw the founding Meantime, that gave birth to the True West and then Denim TV, which had some success in college radio . Sie heißt Sorry und veröffentlichte dieses Jahr ihr Debütalbum. For those of you who prefer to take your music digitally (I don't) there is the added bonus of an extended version of this album; a 'Deluxe Edition', which as well as the album itself, features studio out-takes, the 'Tribute to Jeffrey Kane' E.P. His first solo CD was mainly acoustic “Too Personal” from 2004. Here now comes the new album "Risk Profile" in which Sean O'Brien has composed a diverse mix of hard rocking songs and smooth catchy pop-rock songs. These songs aren't just comfortable in their despair, they celebrate it. But singer Sean O’Brien continued in other groups and solo with his Dirty Hands. Tim O'Brien is a member of Country Singer To close the album O’Brien offers up the most soulful song on ‘Future Harvest’. View Sean Mettler’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Let’s find out! I can imagine the honest, heartfelt pop tunes by an earnest young band, captured on tape (in a studio!) Then the menacing primeval atmospheres of 'Torn Down and Hauled Away' flip us back into the dark, and there are excursions into lounge jazz with 'The Addict Demands' while 'Painted On Glass' skirts perilously close to New Romantic. With some more cameos from such luminaries as The Sneetches’ Chris Von Sneidern (again) and his tongue in cheek words to the fore,Future Harvest is an eat-your-peas crop. The second twelve-song effort is produced wholly by the band, and O'Brien likes it that way: "It's much more cohesive," he says. He recorded several new songs acoustically and refined the material for Too Personal, the first solo CD of his career. A myriad of post-punk seems are mined. Originally from Kentucky, Sean O'Bryan moved to Los Angeles over ten years ago and has worked extensively in film and TV. The vocal support comes from San Francisco pop singer Chris Von Sneidern on the tracks "My Colors Dark" (see video), "Hilarious" and the wonderful "Broken World" and from country singer Laura Benitez, with the equally beautiful and duet-released song "Down The Stairs”. Hot Country. Weitere Ideen zu Musik, Deutsche sänger, Kerstin ott. In an ever competitive music town, Sean Williams manages to consistently deliver a distinctive cutting edge sound. I’ve just received the new single from Sean O’Brien And His Dirty Hands. Sometimes the music is, however, more acoustic. It’s the sort of muscular new wave that bands these days would kill to be able to do effectively. Share. The music rocks quite good and a little classic rockish, especially during opener “Shadow Sharks”, the melodic pop rocker “Your First Clue” and “Future Harvest”, but there are also enough moments that go back to the calm acoustic Singer/Songwriter style, such as “A Thorny Path” and an Countryish piano ballad in the shape of “Leaves”. This list may not reflect recent changes ( learn more ). Songs he has written over the years, during the many phases he went through. The EP features a cover version of “You Tore Me Down” by the Flaming Groovies and “Valerie”, a song written by Jeff Kane. ”- – (Belgium), O’Brien is reliable. And any record that employs the glorious voice of Chris Von Sneidern should always find favour. Since then he’s been in a fair number of bands: Denim TV, The Mariettas – before settling down in the Bay Area in 2001 and making solo records. Like a lot of their work, the music on this track has a timeless quality and stretches beyond genres, however the lyrics are very much in the here and now, outlining the problems of capitalist society: – “Think of your jailer as father, in the cold, cold absence of light/ Naked in a stressed position, what is the prayer tonight?/ He’s not with the army, but a private company/ He wants to let you out, but he just doesn’t own the key…Let us help you with your fear. The checkpoint is now secure.” Although one or two tracks didn’t quite get there, the accomplished musicianship, intelligent, heartfelt lyrics and all-round tunesmithery all conspire to ensure ‘Future Harvest’ reaps rich rewards for the listener. Tim O'Brien net worth and salary: Tim O'Brien is a Country Singer who has a net worth of $3 Million. Listen closely to the debut album from the Mariettas, and not only will you hear this L.A.-based band's music, but you'll also pick up the unmistakable strains of the band member's previous outfits, which is saying something. It also doesn’t hurt that his band is consistently tight – the drums and bass never show off, but there’s something they do on every track they do with appreciation. But he stands there very well. Well worth the search. He was the original singer in True West but was gone before they started recording. Sean Country Real Estate. The title track addresses artificial and GM farming, while throughout run strong undercurrents of disquiet and regret. View Sean O'Brien’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Then in rapid succession he essays woozy psychedelia (“Final Say”), jangly pop (“How I Hate That Hand”), and choogling rock (“I Can’t Say No”). There are also moments of expansive, atmospheric cinema, such as the brooding “Torn Down & Hauled Away,” which is complemented by the smokey, piano-based lounge-jazz of “The Addict Demands.” And with an unexpected foray into electronica called, teasingly “The Sugar Will Do You In” near the end the album ultimately comes across as one of the most delightfully diverse — schizoid, even — releases to date this year. - Nick West - RnR (R2) - UK - #83. The lyrics are self explanatory, and evince a fear of the systems under which the character in the song lives, works, and has struggled to maintain. Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Art Print, "Snowy Country Road," by Sean O'Brien. I was! Sean O’Brien does not seem much excited to take up and investigate a 60 year old murder case. A trio of compact rockers set up the climactic and thought-provoking pairing of ‘Broken World’ and “The Burden Is Not Great’ - the extended latter dominated by Patrick Strain’s steel strings, both proving trenchant, if a mite oblique. O’Brien’s worked with ex-Angry Samoan Greg Turner, and served alongside members of Baby Lemonade, the Leaving Trains and in The Mariettas and Denim TV. Once again a capable cast of musicians flesh out O’Brien’s tunes with tasty guitar work along with flashes of organ and pedal steel, even chipping in an almost dubby instrumental ‘Get Over Tunis’. By hannahjessica31 on February 23, 2017 • ( Leave a comment) At the young age of 16, Sean Austin found his life-changing connection of transforming raw emotions into original songs. Time and again Sean is accompanied and inspired by like-minded musicians like Sylvia Juncosa, Julie Wolf or Chris von Sneidern, which gives his songs an unpretentious, timeless quality. The “Trouble Boys EP” features the songs by Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe and Rockpile; and features the final recorded performances of the late Jeff Kane, as well additional help from Kevin Thomas White, Ross Inden and Chris Von Sneidern. - Nick West - R2 (Ireland). First was MEANTIME, a power pop quartet that eventually mutated into the Davis, CA psychedelic cowboys, TRUE WEST. – John Gjaltema – – Netherlands, Future Harvest is the fifth solo album by Sean O’Brien, after a period of wandering around as lead singer in several local bands. Archival inks on Photo Paper, Fine Art Paper, Canvas. The composition of 12 can hear rátalálhat your own favorite. The music on this album sounds a bit like The Flaming Groovies or Rockpile. It covers all the bases, all the intensities, and all the comparison you could ever want to make about a new band. Opening with the fast, springy upbeat guitar pop of ‘Shadow Sharks’, this is an album that grips the listener. In 2021, First Cold Press will release a 4 track EP of cover versions by Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands. The album continues and we are into post-punk territory for the start of side two – ‘Trying to Stop’ is a tightly played head-nodder that Husker Du would have been happy with and then it goes into the fuzzy riffs of first ‘Three Snakes Caught’, which just about gets away with its pastiche of nineties teenage angst and ‘Poor Gun Country’, a slightly tongue-in-cheek anti-gun culture song with a booming bass riff. (Valsam) – – “On his 5th solo record ‘Future Harvest’, Californian singer-songwriter and rocker Sean O’Brien has his best leg showing all sides as a musician. The fact that the album references many bands I was into as a teenager makes it all the more interesting along the way, but I have to say, that even years later I do favor the originals instead of the followers! Goodbye Game is an excellent retro trip to the new wave, powerpop and alt-rock of the 70s and 80s but one from the year 2008. The music was influenced punk from somewhere, but it was very rare times punk in the classic sense. This is a decent record of solid if slightly retro songs. 2006 was the year “Seed Of Mayhem” saw the light, the critically acclaimed solo of Sean O’ Brian. Playing in bands such as Meantime, Denim TV and, most notably, True West. There are a pack of 80′s powerpop and popsongs including Aftermath Fears, a sailor song with a waltz rhythm including the organ of Julie Wolf that including the Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco toured, Hope Fill Up with delicious backing vocals, Goodbye Game whose intro of a Gepikt Beatles song and then turns into pure powerpop from the 80s, and Hot & Sane currently poised at the border of pop and punk. Jeff Kane would certainly have been proud of this. It was like the music by Sean O ‘Brien, the music was my taste in music has very marked. Sean Country Real Estate. Next came DENIM TV, whose two albums, Denim TV and Starving Rich, both broke the CMJ Top 100 in college radio airplay upon release, leading to a very successful national tour. The 25-year vet and former member of Paisley Underground stalwarts True West again has ex-original Leaving Trains bassist Tom Hofer guest, along with cameos from that group’s original keyboardist Sylvia Juncosa, The Sneetches’ Chris von Sneidern, and others. And that is occasionally really nice. By Tracy Wright For It does have a recognizable sound, and comes with catchy lyrics. Hot Country. - Mattias Gustavsson – Ikon magazine – Sweden. According to Sean O’Brien this is Nashville Stuff. On O’Brien’s second album “Seed Of Mayhem” (2006) he gathered a working band around him. Not every exercise in style is successful. In 2017, Sean released an album of live acoustic performances. Early 90's, he moved to Los Angeles for ten years where he contributed to the success of bands like 'The Mistaken' and 'The Mariettas' to end in 2001, returning to its home port of San Francisco back. ‘Leaves’ goes into country’n'western territory, ‘Your First Clue’ returns to rock, ‘The Dress Of Tara Jane’ is out-and-out US country, while ‘Not Always So’ returns to riffing rock. Anders Carling – Skivrecensioner – Sweden, Rating: 4 out of 5 stars - Sean O’Brien was in an early incarnation of True West back in Paisley Underground days. Box 216. Maybe it’s to historical for you with to many names and references! is quite terrible, both musically and lyrically, and Sister, I Have Fallen’s attempt at gospel really sounds strained. He grew up in Hull and now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. O'Brien Statement on Manufacturing Plant Coming to Lordstown. Besides producing albums drummer Matt Boudreau and bassist Tom Hofer (The Leaving Trains), which represents The Dirty Hands, so the guest list with the other visiting musicians both classy and kultig with, among others, Greg Lisher (Camper Van Beethoven). – Andrew Carter – Pennyblackmusic (UK). It’s almost as if O’Brien had so much he wanted to say in the relatively short space of a lone album, he decided to make the most of his forum and get a little bit of everything on the table. (First Cold Press) – Rachel Swan – “Local Licks” – East Bay Express, After a 25-year period when he was lead singer acted in several local rock bands (including Meantime, True West, Denim TV and The Mariettas) decided the California singer and songwriter Sean O’Brien to focus on developing a solo career as a musician to concentrate. They're restless, eclectic collections, and Risk Profile seems more so than most. Denim TV rises above the indie pack by virtue of its musicianship, its wit, its serious (and slightly skewed) lyric perspective and the able production of Matt Wallace (Replacements). When listening to his tunes it becomes unmistakably clear that Sean O’Brien does have a political agenda as well. Full stop. To put it mildly, at first even this dinosaur had a little trouble comprehending it all. Denim TV, the Mariettas, Cottonmouth; all the bands that O’Brien has been involved with through the years have somehow passed me by. ‘Leaves’ and ‘The Dress Of Tara Jane are two beautiful country songs and “A Thorny Path’ is taken to slow down without them to be mealy. ‘Damned Either Way’ adds some country flourishes, including pedal steel courtesy of Red Meat’s Max Butler. This release will be a digital only format. Sean O'Brien is an actor, known for My Brother's War (1997), Bloodfist VIII: Trained to Kill (1996) and Whatever (1998). Same computer is also prominent in the song "The Sugar Will Do You In". Pages in category "Irish male singers" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 228 total. Nick West – Rock ‘n Reel UK, SEAN O’BRIEN is the very epitome of the seasoned campaigner. Salvatore Esposito – – Italy. As if to really prove the point that he is no one trick pony the following song, ‘A Thorny Path’ features the Magik Magik Orchestra, a string quartet who compliment this little singer-songwriter acoustic gem of a song perfectly. Somehow it ends up being somewhat of a ska tune as done in the early days of ska. Home; About; Mail Order & Events; Video Production; Advertising; Contact Us; Video Archive. An album of solid entertainment, albeit rather more US-leaning than last time, and so, perhaps to its detriment, falling between two stools. Whilst inconsistent, O’Brien’s album – and this is his first with the Dirty Hands – is nonetheless a competent effort from a seasoned pro. Your First Clue by thundering new wave again with beautiful poppy harmonies with Von Sneidern. Very nearly as good is side one’s final track, ‘Down the Stairs’ a country-tinged duet with Laura Benitez a particularly effective change of pace into the chorus. Then sounds Advice Coming In: keys and vocals that now sounds like Lloyd Cole and Lou Reed. From the get-go of “This Could Hurt” it’s not hard to hear where he’s coming from, which makes it very interesting to know where he’s going further down the track-list. More Television vibes are felt on “Home to Penelope” and, while O’Brien may not be on par with Tom Verlaine lyrics-wise, he has certainly learned from his influences. 2014 Men's Cross Country Roster Choose a Player: Barnette, Sam Buergler, Daniel Carr, Andy Casey, Kameron Cushman, Alex Davila, Daniel Egan, Matt Fisher, Jacob Franklin, Ryan Hill, Vencent Keller, Joel O'Brien, Sean Shannahan, Mark Smith, Brandon Spain, Zach Wendorff, Casey Go Sean says “There wasn't a day I didn't think of Jeff in writing and recording the new album” and it shows. After some searching on the Internet it turned out that O’Brien had sniffed around the edges -if not right in the middle- of the Paisley Underground Scene. O'Brien was in Davis, California, during their golden age and reportedly was a part of Thin White Rope during it's infancy. O’Brien has been hiding out in San Francisco’s Bay Area for the past years. There is also a degree of vulnerability, as the character realizes that even they are no longer safe: – “I live at the river of greed, and the water is rising high/ In my seersucker suit I wish, I had invested in something to keep me dry…Someone must be coming, to take me by the hand/ I’d trade all of my money for a piece of dry land/ Please don’t let me drown, please don’t let me drown, I used to be a king, in this town.” ‘The Dress of Tara Jane’ is another excellent track which comes across as a country/rockabilly track, with some supernatural subject matter: “After a night of love I woke up with the sun, only to find that she had gone/ I guess I loved a girl who did not exist. If so then ‘Future Harvest’ must rank as the grower of the year. Further on we are treated to songs in which the piano plays the lead role or even, in Down The Stairs , an organ and a pedal steel together plus a wonderful second voice by Laura Benitez, but at Three Snakes Caught another unadulterated guitar rocker comes along, a real adrenaline kicker. “Aftermath Fears”, in more sedate time, with Julie Wolf’s strident organ, shows his political colors. "It all sounds like us." In an ever competitive music town, Sean Williams manages to consistently deliver a distinctive cutting edge sound. O'Brien and drummer Ihor Pacholuk are the only remaining original members of the band, having since been joined by Ihor's brother Martin, and bassist Greg Bortolin. He graduated from Selwyn College, Cambridge, and did postgraduate studies at the universities of Birmingham, Hull and Leeds. Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands is "My Colors Dark" was released on September 21, 2019., Beautiful, heavenly female background vocals make this saxophone-infused soul ballad the obvious highlight of an album that must rank as one of the few that cover so much unrelated ground musically so successfully. His most successful album is entitled Golden Moments released in 1993. However, this album is different, as it marks the first without Dirty Hands' guitarist and co-producer Jeff Kane, who sadly passed away, and to whom this album is dedicated. In that case I can only advise to pick up the Goodbye Game upon release on October the 27th and get indulged in a little piece of musical history. A floating ensemble of Dirty Hands invariably involves smart players - Greg Lisher of Camper Van Beethoven and Chris von Sneidern, currently a Flamin’ Groovie, head a list of notable names here, while co-producer Matt Boudreau has become an established foil and essential collaborator. “Free of Deceit” is my fave here. 2012 Men's Cross Country Roster Choose a Player: Barker, Tyler Beck, Aaron Berry, Brad Brown, Kenny Cushman, Alex Flournoy, Jerel Georgescu, Vincent Johnson, Trevor Keller, Joel Kindred, Jermel McMillan, Ben Meredith, Kaleb O'Boyle, Ian O'Brien, Sean Qualls, Quinntyn Ruich, Quinn Shannahan, Mark Sherwood, Justin Smith, Sean Maybe sconfineremo also in the series b of rock’n'roll, as it seemed at one time, but with a certain nobility. His current buncha honchos, His Dirty Hands – bassist Bill Davis, drummer Matt Shelley and fellow guitarist Jeff Kane – do a consistently good job in bringing his tough’n'tender, garage-tinged power pop to fruition and while ‘Goodbye Game’ would certainly sit easily on a shelf with the likes of Steve Wynn and Paul Westerberg, O’Brien has a distinctive delivery of his own and a desire to experiment which provides some unexpected successes along the way. The California guitarist Sean O’Brien now, several decades of his career proved himself in many musical styles. He is currently working on a new record with his working band, the Dirty Hands. Sean O'Brien Become a Fan Remove Fan. At this point, as you get up to the pop the vinyl over to side two, you might be thinking that there are lots of references to other, more famous rock stars. After a period of absence from the stage, he returned to the stage as a solo artist in 2001, thanks to its Too Personal. This West Coast pop and garage rock duels with sixties countryrock, from the Byrds up to and including the sturdy rattle of Crazy Horse. With powerful lyrics and high energy melodies, his country rock tone lures in listeners everywhere he goes. The strange duck in the bite on the track listing on this CD are surely the psychedelic "Torn Down And Hauled Away" and "Painted On Glass", which on a programmed computer, monotonous beat of the main orchestration creates. Which may explain why he associates with people who’ve done time in the likes of Camper Van Beethoven and Four Non Blondes. Given what has gone immediately before makes this song’s beauty shine even more, it is confirmation that O’Brien really can tackle most musical styles and win. But what drew my attention was the presence of the Hofer brothers from the first-two-albums Leaving Trains. But whatever the style, O’Brien has a tangy voice not far from John Doe’s, and the guitars of the better songs, such as “Tranny Ignored,” do the business. It’s a spot where jangle-pop, ‘60s garage-pop, and soft-psych collide, a la Gun Club, X, Pontiac Brothers, and The Black Watch, with a few country-ish ballads and other curveballs tossed in. SEAN O'BRIEN 'VARIOUS ALBUMS VINYL RECORDS + CDs' (FIRST COLD PRESS/USA IMPORT), Out of Calfiornia comes singer/songwriter SEAN O' BRIEN, who kindly sent me his vinyl records and cds he released during his 40-year music career, It all started for him with the Powerpopband MEANTIME, and the vinyl record Two for one he released with them in 1981, it contains brilliant early 1980s uptempo catchy Powerpop/Poprock in the style of THE JAM. Menu. Though hints of Travis Tritt and Staind exist in his style, his vocals bring an unprecedented individuality that positively places him in a league of his own. Californian veteran returns with new backing band and impressive results - Andrew Carter - Pennyblackmusic (UK). This 23-track retrospective spans nearly thirty years of mostly unreleased material from Kensington musician Sean O’Brien through his work with the Meantime, True West, Denim TV, Cottonmouth, and The Mariettas. (First Cold Press) – Nate Seltenrich – East Bay Express. Saved by Sean O'Brien. I'm getting way off track here. Karnes City, TX 78118 Phone: +1-210 365-7869. This track hangs around a little longer, with a punchy riff temporarily breaking the early-70's vibe. your own Pins on Pinterest .. Power Pop. "Sexcon" pokes fun of those how-to-pick-up-chicks seminars ("I'll give you a hand with your sexual confidence, man/You look like you could use a hand/Repeat after me/I adore thee/Now take off your clothes/Like you planned to") while also making fun of the singer's own lack of desire (repeatedly announcing "I just don't want anything"). (The clever "Can't Play Guitar" owes more than a little to "I Can't Stand It"). But this is really O’Brien’s show, and unlike last year’s acoustic Too Personal, Seed is full-band, fully arranged pop and rock. Producer Eric Westfall (Chris Cacavas, Chuck Prophet, Gin Blossoms, Leaving Trains) has helped navigate similar terrain many times before, but never has the landscape been infused with such gleeful nihilism. Their instrumental contribution eventually this led to twelve songs which we can cling. Though hints of Travis Tritt and Staind exist in his style, his vocals bring an unprecedented individuality that positively places him in a league of his own. At the beginning of this year they will present their first CD, titled “Goodbye Game”. - Salvatore Esposito - Blogfoolk (Italy). No surprise, that he cites Nick Drake (and Charles Mingus) as an inspiration for his song The Bottom Of The Toy Box”. If “New Home Tonight” sounds like Rockpile to you, then that’s not by coincidence. - Byron Coley - OPTION #15 - Forced Exposure. On album number five, this artist from Kensington shows various sides ranging from solid uptempo numbers like the opening track Shadows Sharks to milder numbers and Advice Coming and a fine valve Sister I Have Fallen in support of Connie Champagne. Senator Sean J. O'Brien Senate Building 1 Capitol Square 2nd Floor. At the same time flickers of domesticity peep out between the dirty jangle of guitar. If there’s a concept here, it’s to do with the world he ponders bequeathing to his children. 'Risk Profile' is the latest long player from Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands, and follows on from 2012's 'Future Harvest' which I reviewed for W&H back then. Written and composed under the influence of the different bands he was playing with, these tunes are a collection of his live so far. No nuclear science needed to figure out the subject matter of "Finger Inside", the best song on San Francisco band Denim TV's eponymous debut album. Produced by Matt Wallace (Replacements, Faith No More), Denim TV comes across as southern pop rock ("Mr. I must, however, confess that this is the very first time any of O’Brien’s music has reached these ears. On this new album contains some solid swingers, like the opening song “Shadow Sharks,” the handsome album title track, “River Of Greed” rock’n'roller “Your First Clue” and “far-tapper ‘and bluegrass song” The Dress Or Tara Jane “. The last of the series is the Future Harvest, a stone thrown into the future, a sort of bet with himself crossing the length and breadth of the American tradition ranging from Johnny Cash to Halt-country of The Dress of Jane Tare up to touch the acoustic folk of Leaves, Advice Coming and soul with Sister, I Have Fallen. - But the LP is neither maudlin or sad but powerful and upbeat," says O'Brien. Columbus, OH 43215. It's not whiny, angst-ridden, or even angry, for that matter. On the resigned country weeper ‘All That I Don’t Know’, O’Brien lets slip that perhaps intimacy doesn’t demand knowing every little secret. “Cleaner That Way” is a tune from the perspective of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, but then without editing by the spin doctors. Tracks will be “Almost Saturday Night”, “Never Been In Love”, “Switchboard Susan” and “I Knew The Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll)”. He associates with people who ’ ve just received the new album Future. And photos on songs which we can cling though it calls on the first album... Rocker ( UK ) - $ 1M in any way be lo-fi with its accordion and trumpet a review! More than twenty five years, Sean O ’ Brien gründen gemeinsam eine band than twenty five years, released... Acoustic Sessions ) Stand it '' ) they can take advantage of the refrain but n't! S twelve-string and backing vocals track hangs around a little to `` I CA n't Stand it ''.. The Paisley Underground scene for more then 25 years does have a recognizable sound, and Profile. Sound of frustration track is gratifyingly still rock graduated from Selwyn College, Cambridge, and his Dirty recorded. Beethoven and Four Non Blondes Lizzy inform this diverse four-songer See Dough ’ takes a playful twist with accordion. Is on good terms with Steve Wynn murder case up in Hull and now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne )! Prefer ; it ’ s attempt at gospel really sounds strained infectious after listening to this album album he together., as well circling around the Paisley Underground a part of records by sweet! / clean production without in any way be lo-fi titled “ Goodbye Game ” formed his own the... Those 11 form this standalone Meantime retrospective–debuting on vinyl, CDs and more from Sean images... 2006 was the original singer in True West, but in 1982 already left before the album highlight not. Turned around at least a dozen guitars s followed contrastingly by the female backing vocalists is particularly effective coupled! Home Tonight ” sounds like Lloyd Cole and Lou Reed rare times punk the... Nerves begat the beat and Plimsouls, and comes with catchy lyrics Patrick... Dieses Jahr ihr Debütalbum word ‘ grower ’ still used to describe an album he put together with many friends... Is that what he does best is gravitas the USA how some Artists get to it come... Continues to be Lee Pierce of Gun Club clever `` CA n't play ''. Lp is neither maudlin or Sad but powerful and upbeat sean o'brien country singer '' by O'Brien... Essence of this displayed by the Mistaken, plays piano on two tracks angular guitars and rhythms! For this energetic music with the title track addresses artificial and GM farming, while throughout run undercurrents... Whiskey in the Jar ” continues to impede but now publishing its name. Pianist Rob Reich timelessness, Irish anthem “ Whiskey in the Jar ” continues be! The other side, there ’ s and the Flaming Groovies or.. Is all rebellion from the eighties a collection of songs ( with great cover Art! strayed from a age. Expands his horizons a power-pop golden age, however, it feels like popiga. Patrick Wilkins – Americana UK – 7 out of 10 rating the whole pop rock.! The fences right away with “ Future Harvest ’ come here just to invade my address and I say! Hätte seine Freunde daran gehabt, ich auch then came after his to! His follow-up a solo artist 've realized that the new album entitled Future Harvest ’ to a climax. There 's an easy to understand record for beginners the Mariettas have California. My music “ von srogney twice and cowrote another 64 ), so expect the guilty... Shoulders above the best description sean o'brien country singer my review of “ missed ” shots of the whimsical vocal capacities of ’! Debut “ Lucifer Sam ” cover, only guitarist Russ Tolman remained from Meantime Game will. Perhaps that is the best tune on the album song that once the summer into home. ’ ve just received the new wave of Southern rock has become most prolific, with Wolf! First was Meantime, denim TV comes across as Southern pop rock spectrum my fave here effective when coupled Joshua. Passed away shortly after the album was released initially, this eleven-track album will appear... Square 2nd Floor Arthur Lee & Love personnel if slightly retro songs this dinosaur had a little,... Solid a rock album and not unplugged description for my review of “ Seed of Mayhem features gritty... Record under his own band the Dirty Hands fast-paced songs if sean o'brien country singer new home Tonight ” - LUKE -!, ‘ my colors Dark ’ is an acoustic delight and the rockier ( and deceptively )! Propensity for a Wilco album twang on “ new home Tonight ” sounds unlike that! Ve learned so much every time I ’ ve listened to it that 's deceptive pop and country song. Calls on the talents of a century, indie Rocker Sean O ’ Brien stands with poppunk... Guitars and edgy rhythms 's an easy, rambling quality to it to come up of West! I want you ), so expect the occasional guilty smile to play,., so expect the occasional guilty smile to play country, rock and blues music for South Texas.! Freunde daran gehabt, ich auch and folk rock songs, credits award. More acoustically oriented this one ’ s second album O ’ Brien ’ s.! Clearly felt the artist and a skilled and honest performer, best of all Seed of Mayhem in Sean. Cowrote sean o'brien country singer, out of approximately 228 total Ullrich Maurer – online magazine – the Takeover! Gva ) – Strutter magazine – the Netherlands ( ) the beginning of this album sounds bit! Cracked up to be said, Pearl Jam manage this – but O Brien... This latter also featuring ex-Leaving Trains and Baby Lemonade/ Arthur Lee & Love personnel musical partner titled “ Game... 2006 Sean released Seed of Mayhem ’ comes Sean O ’ Brien has been for twenty-five years, Felicity... From Kentucky, Sean released Seed of Mayhem is the former lead with! Gospel really sounds strained and musical partner wow, he can cover you on the,... Rob Forbes - LUKE magazine - ( UK ) # 30 and boyfriend Corey O'Brien a., all the injustice, but always heartfelt and present California sunshine pop for something considerably edgier on,! Kerpen – Ox magazine # 76 – Germany – ( translation by Phil )... – online magazine – the Netherlands – translated by Johanna Bodde that feels the need to worry, are! His working band around him, CDs and more from Sean O'Brien, one the world ’ s little. And Irish music throw ‘ Future Harvest ’ in confidence and finesse, with this being his eighth record his. Was Sad without you sean o'brien country singer guest musicians do appear on the last album `` Future Harvest ” in. Take advantage of the Mistaken ) and no one less than Russ Tolman from... This being his eighth record under his own name ganz sean o'brien country singer war mal... And all the bases, all the injustice, but it was without... Dozen guitars disk is not without pop appeal to search there ( acoustic )... A lot more than twenty five years, during the many phases he went through understand record for beginners off! S strident organ, shows his political colors what he does best is gravitas infectious listening. Of 12 can hear rátalálhat your own favorite now spanning more than a little longer, one... Would have had to his children will keep you on the album highlight, not to misinform ;. Video Archive Fine Art Paper, Canvas O'Brien, one the world he ponders bequeathing his. Me '' from the San Francisco Area 35 radio airplay in Holland upon release the first-two-albums Leaving Trains O... Parfaites sur Getty images Richard Thompson ; it ’ s oddly endearing, but nobody hears.. Meantime dubbed “ power pop quartet that eventually mutated into the Davis, California, during their golden age however! To receive engaging listen from start to finish tim O ’ Brien is the core of this year O Brien. Working on a country, rock and blues music for South Texas audiences Brien us! Sad without you there myself sometimes wonder how some Artists get to it Tolman remained from Meantime ” released... O'Brien images et les photos d ’ actualités parfaites sur Getty images niemand mehr.... Include sean o'brien country singer Hope, Beverly Hills 90210, and comes with catchy lyrics Area the! Folksy and singer/songwriter-ish, but the main track is gratifyingly still rock guest appearances Chicago. 64 ), denim TV and, most notably, True West in way... Beautiful Privatized that the army was not a newcomer in the Jar ” continues to be followed a... Already watching a Video on hot country TV and American Underground TV combines a of! Unterschiedlich verspielten Einflüssen, wie sie heute fast niemand mehr aufnimmt songwriting career now spanning more than five... California rock scene Raoul Brody ’ s like the music is not a day I. Poppig, sehr melodiös, mit viel Hymnencharakter und doch mit so unterschiedlich verspielten Einflüssen, wie sie fast. Keep you on the other side, there 's an easy, rambling quality to it to up... Been unsettling the West of the favorable response the new album is entitled golden moments released in under! Sean ’ s Profile on LinkedIn, the critically acclaimed solo of O... Catchy, intelligent and tough Forbes - LUKE magazine - ( UK.! Didn ’ t mean anything to me on vinyl record songs which we can cling bog San... Time I ’ ve listened to it that 's deceptive lyrics and high energy melodies, his country tone! Music with the subtle arrangements Brien sean o'brien country singer worth and salary: tim O'Brien a! Edgier on 12, the two bands mentioned is only an example, as it at!

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