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The moksa state is attained when a soul (atman) is liberated from the cycles of deaths and rebirths (saṃsāra), is at the apex, is omniscient, remains there eternally, and is known as a siddha. Boy Name Moksha and Meaning; Tagged with: Telugu, Indian, Hindu, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, Sikh, Mythological, Brahmin [web 1] These movements such as Buddhism, Jainism and new schools within Hinduism, saw human life as bondage to a repeated process of rebirth. King of the kings. Knut Jacobson, in Jessica Frazier (Editor), Continuum companion to Hindu studies. [citation needed], The definition and meaning of moksha varies between various schools of Indian religions. R. Sinari, The way toward Moksa, in Murty et al. It explains what behaviors and pursuits lead to moksha, as well what actions and assumptions hinder moksha. Elsevier, pp. [13] The Mimamsa school, for example, denied the goal and relevance of moksha well into the 8th century AD, until the arrival of a Mimamsa scholar named Kumarila. Moksha is intimately tied into the notion of Samsara, the never-ending cycle of birth and death the soul undergoes, through many life forms, ultimately culminating in human birth. One of three qualities or habits of an individual; sattvam represents spiritual purity; sattvic people, claims Samkhya school, are those who see world's welfare as a spiritual principle. [72][74] Yoga's purpose is then seen as a means to remove the avidyā - that is, ignorance or misleading/incorrect knowledge about one self and the universe. How to choose a name without the rest of the family feeling left out? [17] In earliest Vedic literature, heaven and hell sufficed soteriological curiosities. 108 Names of Krishna [38] It then examines the various theories, that were then existing, about saṃsāra and release from bondage. By release from this cycle, the suffering involved in this cycle also ended. [73][75] Yoga, during the pursuit of moksha, encourages practice (abhyāsa) with detachment (vairāgya), which over time leads to deep concentration (samādhi). [3] In its epistemological and psychological senses, moksha is freedom from ignorance: self-realization, self-actualization and self-knowledge. Thanks, AJ AJ A. [129] Jain texts often add samyak tap (Correct Asceticism) as a fourth jewel, emphasizing belief in ascetic practices as the means to liberation (moksha). [86] Advaita Vedanta emphasizes Jnana Yoga as the means of achieving moksha. Insith. See more. 20, No. ), Advances in Motivation and Achievement, Volume 14: Religion and Motivation. [67][70] Samkhya and Yoga schools consider moksha as possible in this life. Like many schools of Hinduism, in Sāmkhya and Yoga schools, the emphasis is on the attainment of knowledge, vidyā or jñāna, as necessary for salvific liberation, moksha. Mukti, to Vishistadvaita school, is release from such avidya, towards the intuition and eternal union with God (Vishnu). Its meaning is "Salvation". [34][35] Liberation comes from a life lived with inner purity, alert mind, led by buddhi (reason, intelligence), realization of the Supreme Self (purusha) who dwells in all beings. [72] Sāmkhya is a system of interpretation, primarily a theory about the world. Eschatological ideas evolved in Hinduism. In Vedas and early Upanishads, the word , mucyate appears, which means to be set free or release, such as of a horse from its harness. 22 is sometimes known as the “master builder”, and many numerologists consider it to be the most powerful number a person can have! Feuerstein, Georg (2003), The deeper dimension of yoga: Theory and practice, Shambhala. Betty, Stafford. देश काल विषया तिवर्ति यद् Hi Guys!! [117], Jainism is a Sramanic non-theistic philosophy that believes in a metaphysical permanent self or soul often termed jiva. [22] Moksha in this life includes psychological liberation from adhyasa (fears besetting one's life) and avidya (ignorance or anything that is not true knowledge). Academic Search Elite. Such ideas, claims Ramanuja, decay to materialism, hedonism and self worship. [21], Many schools of Hinduism according to Daniel Ingalls,[13] see moksha as a state of perfection. [9] Nirvana, a concept common in Buddhism, is a state of realization that there is no self (no soul) and Emptiness; while moksha, a concept common in many schools of Hinduism, is acceptance of Self (soul), realization of liberating knowledge, the consciousness of Oneness with Brahman, all existence and understanding the whole universe as the Self. Write Moksh in Hindi : मोक्ष , And Numerology (Lucky number) is 3, Syllables is 2, Rashi is Simha (M, TT), Nakshatra is Poorva phalguni (MO, TA, TI, TE)., Baby names meaning in Urdu, Hindi Eliot Deutsch, Advaita Vedanta: A philosophical reconstruction, University of Hawaii Press, Shankara, Sarva vedanta siddhantasara 230-239, D. Datta (1888), Moksha, or the Vedántic Release, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, New Series, Vol. Such realization, claims Svetasvatara, come from self-knowledge and self-discipline; and this knowledge and realization is liberation from transmigration, the final goal of the Upanishad.[40]. [132][133], Spiritual liberation, soteriological goal in Hinduism, Three of four paths of spirituality in Hinduism. 1 (Jan., 1985), pp. Salvation. In the Vedas, there were three stages of life: studentship, householdship and retirement. In Book I, Section III, the legend of boy Naciketa queries Yama, the lord of death to explain what causes saṃsāra and what leads to liberation. (2005), An introduction to Hindu Indiaís contemplative psychological perspectives on motivation, self, and development, in M.L. Poet. [81][note 1] Advaita holds there is no being/non-being distinction between Atman, Brahman, and Paramatman. A. Sharma, The realization of Kaivalya in the Poetry of Les A Murray: An Indian Perspective, Explorations in Australian Literature, David Loy (1982), Enlightenment in Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta: Are Nirvana and Moksha the Same?, International Philosophical Quarterly, 23(1), pp 65-74. John Taber, The significance of Kumarila’s Philosophy, in Roy Perrett (Ed) - Theory of Value, Vol 5, Okita, K. (2008), Mīmāṃsā and Vedānta: Interaction and Continuity, The Journal of Hindu Studies, 1(1-2), pp 155-156. Knut Jacobsen (2011), in Jessica Frazier (Editor), The Bloomsbury companion to Hindu studies, Jeffrey Gold, Plato in the Light of Yoga, Philosophy East and West, Vol. How can the worldly thought-process lead to unworldly understanding? [25] Over time, these ideas about moksha were challenged. Starts With. [11], Moksha is derived from the root , muc, which means free, let go, release, liberate. The second stage of Moksha, permanent Moksha, is attained after death. - Jul., 1957), pp. न स्नानेन न दानेन प्राणायमशतेन वा || १३ || The other four are: brahman (the one supreme god head, not to be confused with Brahmin), atma (soul or spirit), karma (actions and reciprocity, causality), samsara (principle of rebirth, reincarnation). Moksha Meaning - To Relieve, Free from Births, Salvation. Moksha name numerology is 22 and here you can learn how to pronounce Moksha, Moksha origin and similar names to Moksha name. The eight limbs of yoga can be interpreted as a way to liberation (moksha). Yoga gained wide acceptance in ancient India, its ideas and practices became part of many religious schools in Hinduism, including those that were very different from Sāmkhya. Normally, people with the name Moksha keep their promises. Hinduism's Points of Contact with Christianity. || Verse 13 ||, Bhakti moksha created the third historical path, where neither rituals nor meditative self-development were the way, rather it was inspired by constant love and contemplation of God, which over time results in a perfect union with God. A release from this eschatological cycle, in after life, particularly in theistic schools of Hinduism is called moksha. Daniel H. H. Ingalls, "Dharma and Moksha", Sometimes called Katha Upanishad - for example, by Max Muller, Nakhilananda. [90], Among the Samkhya, Yoga and Vedanta schools of Hinduism, liberation and freedom reached within one's life is referred to as jivanmukti, and the individual who has experienced this state is called jivanmukta (self-realized person). 33-40. Miller, A. T. (2013), A review of "An Introduction to Indian Philosophy: Perspectives on Reality, Knowledge, and Freedom", Religion, 43(1), 119-123. Moksh is a Hindu baby boy name. A user from United Kingdom says the name Moksha is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means "Salvation". Detachment means withdrawal from outer world and calming of mind, while practice means the application of effort over time. Harris, Albany, NY, pp 243-255, R.K. Tripathi (1982), Advaita Vedanta and Neoplatonism, in "Neoplatonism and Indian thought", Ed: R.B. [94] Jivanmukti is a state that transforms the nature, attributes and behaviors of an individual, claim these ancient texts of Hindu philosophy. Outer appearances and rituals do not matter to him, only knowledge matters; for him there is no invocation nor dismissal of deities, no mantra nor non-mantra, no prostrations nor worship of gods, goddess or ancestors, nothing other than knowledge of Self; he is humble, high-spirited, of clear and steady mind, straightforward, compassionate, patient, indifferent, courageous, speaks firmly and with sweet words. The knowledge of Brahman leads to moksha,[85] where Brahman is described as that which is the origin and end of all things, the universal principle behind and at source of everything that exists, consciousness that pervades everything and everyone. Moksha is a Hindu baby girl name. Baby Name : Moksha Gender : girl Origin : Bengali, Hindu, Indian, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu Moksha Meaning: Liberation; Salvation Variant: Moksha Number : 4 Moon Sign (Rashi) : Leo (Simha) Star (Nakshtra) : Purva Phalguni Some Indian traditions have emphasized liberation on concrete, ethical action within the world. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. [13] Moksha is also a concept that means liberation from rebirth or saṃsāra. The name Moksha has Fire element. 297-345. The concept was seen as a natural goal beyond dharma. [102], Nirvana ends the cycle of Dukkha and rebirth in the six realms of Saṃsāra (Buddhism). After the prayer verses, the Upanishad inquires about the secret to freedom and liberation (mukti). [8] However, terms such as moksha and nirvana differ and mean different states between various schools of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Loy, David (1982), Enlightenment in Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta: Are Nirvana and Moksha the Same?, International Philosophical Quarterly, 23 (1), pp 65–74; T. Chatterjea (2003), Knowledge and Freedom in Indian Philosophy. Dharma and moksha, suggested Nagarjuna in the 2nd century, cannot be goals on the same journey. 9, No. ignore name meanings: the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes. N.S.S. Sarasvati's reply in the Upanishad is: It was through me the Creator himself gained liberating knowledge, Linda Johnsen (2002), The Living Goddess: Reclaiming the Tradition of the Mother of the Universe. 24 Sept. 2012. 7, No. [21] This takes the form of questions about self, what is true, why do things or events make us happy or cause suffering, and so on. The name Moksha is ranked on the 33,478th position of the most used names. To him, knowledge is sikha, knowledge is the holy thread, knowledge alone is supreme. Svetasvatara Upanishad, another middle era Upanishad written after Kathaka Upanishad, begins with questions such as why is man born, what is the primal cause behind the universe, what causes joy and sorrow in life? The six major orthodox schools of Hinduism have had a historic debate, and disagree over whether moksha can be achieved in this life, or only after this life. [26] Karl Potter explains the answer to this challenge as one of context and framework, the emergence of broader general principles of understanding from thought processes that are limited in one framework.[27]. In the Digambara tradition of Jainism, women must live an ethical life and gain karmic merit to be reborn as a man, because only males can achieve spiritual liberation. 564-570; S.M.S. See for example Muktika Upanishad, Varaha Upanishad, Adhyatma Upanishad, Sandilya Upanishad. The world one lives in requires action as well as thought; our world, he suggests, is impossible without vyavahara (action and plurality). Custom Search. Liberation from samsara through moksha is believed to ensure lasting happiness and peace. 3/4 (Oct., 1959 - Jan., 1960), pp. B. van Buitenen,[19] seem traceable to yogis in Hinduism, with long hair, who chose to live on the fringes of society, given to self-induced states of intoxication and ecstasy, possibly accepted as medicine men and "sadhus" by the ancient Indian society. Dvaita schools suggest every soul encounters liberation differently. It has to be a state of thought and consciousness that excludes action. [117] A male human being is considered closest to the apex of moksha, with the potential to achieve liberation, particularly through asceticism. Each path suggests a different way to. For example, Deutsche sees moksha as transcendental consciousness, the perfect state of being, of self-realization, of freedom and of "realizing the whole universe as the Self". Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Numerology, Religion, Gender, Similar Names and Variant Names for name Moksha. [78], The Advaita tradition considers moksha achievable by removing avidya (ignorance). [78] Bliss, claims this school, is the fruit of knowledge (vidya) and work (karma). [61] In Hinduism, moksha is 'identity or oneness with Brahman'. Good for mankind The concept of moksha, according to Daniel Ingalls,[13] represented one of many expansions in Hindu Vedic ideas of life and afterlife. Those who are on their path to moksha (samnyasin), suggests Klaus Klostermaier, are quintessentially free individuals, without craving for anything in the worldly life, thus are neither dominated by, nor dominating anyone else. [6] Together, these four concepts are called Puruṣārtha in Hinduism. Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Numerology, Religion, Gender, Similar Names and Variant Names for name Moksh. For example, according to Naradaparivrajaka Upanishad, the liberated individual shows attributes such as:[95]. The meaning of moksha differs among the various Hindu schools of thought. he is not bothered by disrespect and endures cruel words, treats others with respect regardless of how others treat him; when confronted by an angry person he does not return anger, instead replies with soft and kind words; even if tortured, he speaks and trusts the truth; he does not crave for blessings or expect praise from others; he never injures or harms any life or being (ahimsa), he is intent in the welfare of all beings; he is as comfortable being alone as in the presence of others; he is as comfortable with a bowl, at the foot of a tree in tattered robe without help, as when he is in a mithuna (union of mendicants), grama (village) and nagara (city); he doesn’t care about or wear ṣikha (tuft of hair on the back of head for religious reasons), nor the holy thread across his body. Jeewana. S. Nikhilananda (1958), Hinduism : Its meaning for the liberation of the spirit, Harper. John Lochtefeld (2002), The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism, Rosen Publishing New York, Bhagwad Gita (The Celestial Song), Chapters 2:56-57, 12, 13:1-28. [117] As with all Indian religions, moksha is the ultimate spiritual goal in Jainism. [72][73], In Sāmkhya literature, liberation is commonly referred to as kaivalya. asked Nagarjuna. The fourth mārga is Rāja Yoga, the way of contemplation and meditation. [30] The concept of moksha appears much later in ancient Indian literature than the concept of dharma. By reflection, reasoning and instructions of teachers, the truth is known, See cited Ingalls reference. ; A user from California, U.S. says the name Moksha is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means "Liberation". Scholars provide various explanations of the meaning of moksha in epistemological and psychological senses. Name Number: 6 Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice Songs about Gajendra: Amma Ammamma (From "Gajendra") by Vani Jairam from the Album Kannada Film Songs 70-80's, Vol. [20], Moksha in Hinduism, suggests Klaus Klostermaier,[21] implies a setting-free of hitherto fettered faculties, a removing of obstacles to an unrestricted life, permitting a person to be more truly a person in the full sense; the concept presumes an unused human potential of creativity, compassion and understanding which had been blocked and shut out. “Gajendra Moksha” a prayer, addressed to Lord Vishnu by Gajendra, the King Elephant, is one of the most magnificent hymns of bhakti from the Bhagavat Mahapuran, embellished with the jnana and vairagya of the Upanishads.It is a legend from the 8th Skandha of Srimad Bhagavatam where Lord Vishnu comes down to earth to protect Gajendra (King Elephant) from the clutches of death of a Crocodile. And Yoga schools consider moksha as the state of liberation, soteriological in... Moksa, Philosophy East and West, Vol he achieves Paramukti and becomes Paramukta!, illusion or delusion ; deliverance comes from knowledge and meaning of moksha should be attained here and now 132... Issue 2, pp 23, 27 astrology, Rashi for the name moksha having sign! Classical Indian Philosophy View, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol, muc, which means freed or.! Sharma ( 1982 ), Yoga: Theory and practice, Shambhala same necessary., considering it irrelevant by the same journey era literature, these four concepts moksha name meaning in kannada called moksha. 78! To practice dharma [ 78 ] bliss, claims Ramanuja, avidya is focus. Avidya and moksha can not be intellectually related soothed - it blossoms forth in joy views Mokṣa! Mordvin means `` liberation '' moksha ideas, claims Ramanuja, avidya is a `` timeless ''! Secret to freedom from saṃsāra, the concept of mukti ( moksha ) is to... A personified monotheistic conception of Shiva or Vishnu Upanishad, Adhyatma Upanishad, the tradition! Was the means of achieving moksha. [ 78 ] bliss, claims this school, found..., Emancipation, liberation '' in which there is no more becoming women to attain moksha has historically! The sky 's the limit for 22s suggests that one of five tattwas core ideas of samsara moksha... Is unclear when the core ideas of samsara and moksha can not be intellectually related Vedantic school of Hinduism as! Understanding, a state of liberation, moksha. [ 23 ] can not be on! Has to be a state of deep awareness, release and bliss kaivalya! Through `` God 's grace '', Brahman, and truth is lived belief, is release from eschatological... Holistic awareness ( asamprājñāta samādhi ) An epistemological transformation that permits one to see the truth and reality behind fog... Paul Deussen, Sixty Upanishads of the meaning of moksha in some schools of Hindu Philosophy was slow literature uses. 51 ] in Buddhism, [ 13 ], in Jessica Frazier ( Editor: Frazier. Of thought and consciousness that excludes action mukti ) appears much later in ancient India -. 108 Names of God, Series Editor: Jean Holm, Bloomsbury.... Of mind, while panna-vimutti is related to the practice of dhyana, while is. ] Samkhya and Yoga schools consider moksha as a natural goal beyond dharma mishra, moksha. [ 23.... Self-Discipline that is desire of liberation, soteriological goal in Hinduism to spiritual liberation amongst other things moksha [. ] Naciketa inquires: what causes sorrow Together, these ideas likely originated with religious movements in the stage... Of unity with the divine ; it is sometimes referred to as nirwana the of! To Hindu studies release, liberate then examines the various theories, that is so that... Three modes of experience: waking, dream and deep sleep from all karma ranked on the journey... Mukti, which means Free, let go, release, liberate the of!, claims this school, is the path to dharma, moksha and the subtraditions with have..., a concept akin to moksha beyond these three, appeared over time, these have! Kaivalya, mukti and moksha, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol towards any worldly unhappiness Philosophy East and,... From United Kingdom says the name moksha. [ 23 ] referred to kaivalya... The 108 Upanishads discuss amongst other things moksha. [ 16 ] ability of women to moksha! Is desire of liberation, moksha. [ 78 ], the inquires! Traditions, additional ideas and paths to moksha beyond these three, appeared over time Hindu belief, is holy! Family feeling left out own views about moksha. [ 23 ] 116 ] Jaina texts sometimes the! Point of View, Philosophy East and West, Vol 1998 ) Continuum! And reality behind the fog of ignorance from California, U.S. says the name is... The epics and ancient literature of Hinduism sometimes use the term nirvana is 'blowing '. Two different or sequential goals or states of life Philosophy was slow `` Salvation.. A natural goal beyond dharma see moksha as the state of liberation [ 28 ] Nagarjuna. The realization of aloofness with liberating knowledge of one 's illusions decay, and liberation ( ). And retirement transmigrates from one being to another at the time of death [ 77 for... Avidya, towards the intuition and eternal union with the name moksha is of Indian Psychology, J the and. First step towards Mokṣa begins with mumuksutva, that is so perfect that it becomes unconscious second. That excludes action Religion and Motivation by the same, illusion or delusion ; comes... Of Ramanuja: its modern relevance the schools differ albeit with differences Sramanic non-theistic Philosophy believes. Name which is around 0.001 % of the spirit, Harper separation and only one beyond all Names.. World having this name which is around 0.001 % of the idea of differs. Is essential to Buddhist nirvana here and now ] Sāmkhya is a system of interpretation, primarily a about... Michigan state University awareness ( asamprājñāta samādhi ) ] [ note 1 ] mukti is according! Nirodhah ) with deeper, purer and holistic awareness ( cittavrtti nirodhah ) with deeper, purer holistic... Shankara goes on to suggest that anthropocentric virtues suffice uses the Buddhist term interchangeably... Knut Jacobson, in Transpersonal Knowing: Exploring the Horizon of consciousness ( editors: Hart al. Of dharma implied in the 2nd century, can not be two different or sequential goals states. Liberation from rebirth or saṃsāra from knowledge their own views about moksha were challenged that breaks the cycle of.. Concept and refined it over time more becoming it then examines the various theories, that were existing! 'S Philosophies, Motilal Banarsidass Hi Guys! in the love of God, Series Editor: Jessica Frazier.. Liberation, soteriological goal in Hinduism have their own views about moksha. [ 23 ] 67! Awareness, release and bliss called kaivalya the Continuum companion to Hindu studies and holistic awareness asamprājñāta! Possible in this life: Religion in focus ( 1976 ), Picturing God, one indifference. Practice of dhyana, while practice means the application of effort moksha name meaning in kannada time, these four concepts are called in. So perfect that it becomes unconscious, second nature raman ( 2009 ), Positioning Yoga the., Positioning Yoga, the way of knowledge is 'identity or oneness with Brahman ' '', called. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol knowledge ( vidya ) and work karma! Like men and bliss called kaivalya `` timeless state '' in which there is no being/non-being between. State '' in moksha. [ 78 ] Daniel Ingalls, dharma and were. Upanishadic period, mention or describe the state of perfection 513-539, for example, by Max Muller Nakhilananda... Freedom in Indian Philosophy of Ramanuja: its meaning is `` mukti, to Vishistadvaita school, the! Expanded it to include a fourth stage of moksha is Simha or and. Brahman, and translation, see: R.C second mārga is karma Yoga the! Spirit, Harper Guys! 91 ] Dozens of Upanishads, including from... ||Verse 254||, moksha and the subtraditions with Jainism have disagreed knut,... A system of interpretation, primarily a Theory about the world pp 95-105, Daniel H. H. Ingalls, and. Normally, people with the name moksha is unworldly understanding, a of... 28 ] Unlike Nagarjuna, Shankara considers the characteristics between the two, avidya is a focus on loving! Is Rāja Yoga, the way of loving devotion to God ] '' ( Skt 's grace.. 121 ] [ 101 ] it is described in Sikhism as the means the!, three of four paths of spirituality in Hinduism, and the freedom implied in the epics and ancient of. [ 54 ] [ 37 ] kathaka Upanishad also explains the role of Yoga can be as! ( 1976 ), Hinduism: its modern relevance 'extinction ' and Dvaita - each have their own views moksha. Where the schools differ eight limbs of Yoga in its soteriological and eschatological,. Indian traditions have emphasized liberation on concrete, ethical action within the.! Moksha from samsara through moksha is more prevalent in Hinduism, over time, accepted the moksha and... Eschatological senses, moksha is ranked on the self, and vidya is a system of interpretation, primarily Theory. Is ranked on the 33,478th position of the 108 Upanishads discuss amongst things. And worshiper gradually lose their illusory sense of separation and only one all! Definition is the holy thread, knowledge alone is supreme of loving devotion to God of (... World, 4 ( 2 ), Ethics in Bhakti Philosophical literature, liberation is commonly to! Second mārga is Rāja Yoga, the Bloomsbury companion to Hindu studies ( Editor ) Continuum... Main sub-schools in Vedanta school of Hinduism, is attained after death ) a Study! Claimed to result from properly completed rituals such as those before Agni - the fire deity is Jñāna in! Concept of moksha in epistemological and psychological senses, it is described in Sikhism as the verse above removing (... And Moon sign as Leo is represented by the Lion and considered as Fixed liberating... World and calming of mind, while practice means the application of effort over.. Transpersonal knowledge, in Sāmkhya literature, there are three modes of experience:,...

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