Follow your nose to find outstanding quality! KATZ AIRFRESHENER BOARD is a specially developed,highly absorbent wood pulp board with a double-sided white top layer. It is primarily used to produce air fresheners, since it not only absorbs and stores fragrances extremely well, but also releases them again gradually over time. KATZ AIRFRESHENER BOARD also has excellent whiteness properties (D65 90%), guaranteeing top-quality printing results and a truly professional too.

  • high white top layer out of unprinted woodfree recycled paper
  • basic material: bleached chemical thermo mechanical pulp (BCTMP)
  • high white bottom layer out of unprinted woodfree recycled paper



Dicke/ Thickness: 1.5mm

Toleranz/ Tolerance: appro. 6%

Flachenmasse/ Grammage: 625 g/m2

Volumen/ Volume: 2.40 cm2/g